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By Matthew K. Gold

Digital Humanities Syllabi

On 06, Jun 2011 | In Resources | By Matthew K. Gold

Do you teach a digital humanities course? Let us know by leaving a comment on this post. We’ll add it to the DH Syllabi page of the CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide, which is published on the wiki of the CUNY Academic Commons. I’ve embedded the DH Syllabi wiki page below.

DH Syllabi

301 Moved Permanently

Moved Permanently

The document has moved here.

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  1. Here are some samplings of literature and composition courses focused on the digital (most of these have a portfolio link with student projects):

    An sophomore-level introduction to literary studies course:

    A first year seminar focused on digital composing:

    A first year seminar focused on entrepreneurial online writing:

    A first year seminar called computers and English studies:

    A blast from the past (1994):

    A collection of courses is at

    Thanks for putting this together.

  2. In terms of professional development you might be interested in some of the courses listed on the digital preservation outreach and education calendar. I realize it is sort of outside the genre, but imho digital preservation is very much a key part of the digital humanities.

  3. Thanks, Kevin and Michael. The page has been updated with your contributions.

  4. Michael Ullyot

    I teach an introduction-to-DH course to first-year English majors called “Hamlet in the Humanities Lab”:

  5. Kevin Brock

    While we are still revising the details of the course, it is possible to see a current version of the syllabus for a class David Rieder and I are teaching in the fall: IP 295, “Introduction to Humanities Physical Computing”

    Rieder is also teaching a graduate version of the course in the fall: ENG 798 / ENG 583, “Introduction to Humanities Physical Computing” for which basic course information is available –

  6. Thank you, Jim and John! All of these courses are now in the list.

  7. Hi, Matt. Thanks for putting this list together. Here’s a link to my “New Media and the Futures of Writing” course:

  8. jtheibault

    Here’s the syllabus for the Intro to Digital Humanities course for undergraduates I taught in the spring:

    You may already have these links to other Digital Humanities courses, but I don’t see them posted yet:

    Stephanie Schlitz, Bloomsburg University an undergraduate honors course on digital humanities

    TJ Owens, American University, a joint undergrad/graduate student course in digital history

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