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2021 November



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By Param Ajmera

Recap: Slides from the CUNY DHI Lightning Talks 2021

On 30, Nov 2021 | In Uncategorized | By Param Ajmera

Thank you all for a great Lightning Talks event! It was wonderful to hear about all the brilliant projects happening at CUNY. Here’s the list of presenters and the slide deck from the event!

Wendy Barrales (Graduate Center), “Searching for Mami & Abuelita: Exploring Testimonio in a Women of Color Archive”

Jonah Brucker-Cohen (Lehman College), “Human Error”

Patrick Smyth (Graduate Center), “Iota School”

Zach Muhlbauer (Graduate Center), “Discord Educational Toolkit: Instructional Design for Networked Learning & Digital Community”

Kristine Riley (Graduate Center), “Countermapping the Humanities”

Atilio Barreda II (New York City College of Technology + Graduate Center), “Embedded Humanities in Data Systems”

Matthew K. Gold (Graduate Center), “Manifold”

Lisa Rhody (Graduate Center), “Digital Humanities Research Institute”

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