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2010 September



In Resources

By Matthew K. Gold

Introducing The CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide

On 21, Sep 2010 | In Resources | By Matthew K. Gold

The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative is delighted to announce the launch of a new collaborative publication: The CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide. Presenting a well-researched and annotated view of the field, the guide will serve as a broad introduction to DH for newcomers by offering a balanced archive of best practices, ongoing projects, and disciplinary debates.

The guide covers a wide range of subjects, including Defining the Digital Humanities, Hot Topics, Sample Projects, DH Syllabi, and Conferences and Events. Check out the Table of Contents for the full range of topics.

The initial version of the guide is just that — a beginning. As you read through the guide, please let us know whether you have corrections or additional information to share with us. As the Using This Guide page shows, the wiki itself is editable only by members of the CUNY Academic Commons, but non-CUNY contributors can add to the guide in the following ways:

* Tag items on delicious with cunydhi
* Tweet us at @cunydhi
* Email your comments to
* Leave a comment on this post

We very much hope to have your input, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with suggestions, corrections, and comments.

The initial version of the guide was created by Charlie Edwards, a graduate student in the Ph.D. Program in English and the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program at The CUNY Graduate Center, in consultation with ITP faculty member Matthew K. Gold. We are thankful to CUNY Academic Commons Wiki Wrangler Scott Voth for helping format it for the wiki. Future versions of the guide will be produced collaboratively by the members of the CUNY DHI — and the DH community at large.

We hope that the guide will provide a useful starting point for others just entering the DH conversation, and we urge you to help us improve it!

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In Meetings

By Matthew K. Gold

Inaugural Meeting: Defining the Digital Humanities (9/22/10)

On 18, Sep 2010 | In Meetings | By Matthew K. Gold

Book Porn shared CC by Alan Bell

We are delighted to announce the inaugural meeting of the CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative, which will take place on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 from 6:30pm-8:30pm in room Room C198 at The CUNY Graduate Center.

Picking up on our semester’s theme — What are the Digital Humanities? — we’ll discuss a series of short readings that attempt to answer that question:

1. The definitions of DH provided by participants in this year’s Day of Digital Humanities
2. A longer piece from a recent issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly, Patrik Svensson’s “The Landscape of Digital Humanities.”
3. A series of blog posts that were published last year in the wake of the 2009 MLA convention. Be sure to look at the comments on the blog posts.
– “The MLA and the Digital Humanities,” William Pannapacker, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec. 28, 2009
– “The MLA, @briancroxall, and the non-rise of the Digital Humanities,” David Parry, Jan. 6, 2010
– “Be online or be irrelevant,” David Parry, Jan. 11, 2010
– “The Turtlenecked Hairshirt: Fetid and Fragrant Futures for the Humanities,” Ian Bogost, Jan. 9, 2010
4. Chris Forster, “I’m Chris. Where am I Wrong?”. Sept. 8, 2010.
5. Rebecca Davis, “NITLE launches Digital Humanities initiative”, Aug. 31, 2010

We hope that this range of readings will give us a great deal to discuss at our first meeting. Please join us on Wednesday and at our other events this semester, which will be announced soon!

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