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2012 September



In Meetings

By Charlie Edwards

Fall 2012 CUNY Digital Studies/Digital Humanities Seminar Schedule

On 24, Sep 2012 | In Meetings | By Charlie Edwards

We are delighted to announce our schedule for Fall 2012, sponsored by the Center for the Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center.

All events are free and open to the public, and take place at the CUNY Graduate Center.


Thursday October 4: Seminar Meeting & Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant Awardees

Time & Place: 6:30pm-8:30pm, Room C205

Join us as we welcome current and new members of the Seminar to an open meeting where we will discuss plans for the upcoming year and winners of the Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants will present their project work to date. This newly-launched award supports innovative digital projects designed, created, programmed, or administered by doctoral and master’s students at the CUNY Graduate Center.


Wednesday October 24: “Modeling the Past: New Projects of The Virtual World Heritage Laboratory”
Co-Sponsored by the M.A. Program in Liberal Studies

Bernard Frischer (University of Virginia)

Time & Place: 6:30pm-8:30pm, Room C201/202

Bernard Frischer, Director of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory, University of Virginia, will discuss the team’s work modeling Hadrian’s Villa, a World Heritage Site. The imperial villa is being recreated in 3D by the VWHL and used as a test-bed for experiments in Roman cultural geography. The model includes terrain, gardens, water features, sculpture, buildings, furnishings, and avatars representing members of the imperial court. The IDIA Lab at Ball State University, a partner in the project, has taken the 3D model and ported it to the game engine Unity3D, so that it is possible to explore the reconstructed villa interactively over the Internet. This talk will present the project, its history, goals, current state, and future prospects.


Monday November 26: “Digital Publishing Today”

Ashley Dawson (CUNY), Matthew K. Gold (CUNY), Michael Mandiberg (CUNY), Tavia Nyong’o (NYU)

Time & Place: 6:30pm-8:30pm, The Skylight Room (9100)

What are the radical possibilities of open access publishing? This panel will bring together a number of scholars who have published online to consider how university presses are either facilitating or impeding efforts by academics to explore new forms of cultural production and media activism unleashed by movements such as Occupy Wall Street. Join us to explore these questions and to develop new strategies and models for contemporary academic publication.


Wednesday November 28: “The Commons and Digital Humanities in Museums”
Co-Sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in Art History and CUNY Graduate Center Digital Initiatives

Christina DePaolo (Balboa Park Online Collaborative), Michael Edson (Smithsonian), William Noel (University of Pennsylvania), Neal Stimler (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Time & Place: 6:30pm-8:30pm, The Skylight Room (9100)

Inspired by the work of Lawrence Lessig, Lewis Hyde and Bill Ivey among others, museum technologists have been striving to provide greater access to cultural heritage collections in the form of a commons. The currents of DIY, digital humanities, free and remix culture have challenged museums to transform their relationships with scholars and the public toward openness and democratic participation. The GLAM-WIKI movement and Creative Commons licenses have also significantly reshaped museum practices. How can museums build vanguard collaborations and collective resources not only to aid constituents as they use institutional content but to create anew in a digital culture? This panel will explore the diverse implications of the formation of commons by museums.


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