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2023 April



In Events of Interest

By Zachary Lloyd

Recap: CUNY DHI 2023

On 24, Apr 2023 | In Events of Interest | By Zachary Lloyd

Thank you all for a great Lightning Talks event! It was wonderful to hear about all the brilliant projects happening at CUNY. Here’s the list of presenters with links to their projects and their slides (where applicable):

Simon Baatz, (John Jay College of Criminal Justice), “Tales from the Criminal Court: Crime and Criminal Justice in New York, 1880-1930

Stefano Morello, (City College), “Let My People Know The Story of Wilfred Mendelson, ‘Mendy,’ August 17, 1915 – July 28, 1938″

Ian Williams, (Graduate Center), “The Pleasures and Perils of Generative AI Imagery”

Rebecca Krisel, (Graduate Center), “From Public Testimony to a Database”

Sean Scanlan, (City College of Technology), “Teaching With/Against AI in a Technical Writing Program”

Lisa Rhody, (Graduate Center), “The Digital Humanities Research Institute”

Zachary Lloyd, (Graduate Center), “DHRIFT: Digital Humanities Research Infrastructure for Teaching”

Silvia Rivera Alfaro, (Graduate Center), “Feminist Linguistics Repository”

Matt Gold, (Graduate Center), “Manifold”

Cristina Migliaccio, (Medgar Evers College), “The Siren’s Children Speak: Neapolitan Rhetoric in a Multimedia Age”

Please join our CUNY Academic Commons group for to keep up with the digital humanities community at CUNY.



In Uncategorized

By Lisa Marie Rhody

CUNY DHI Lighting Talks Switch to Virtual Format

On 04, Apr 2023 | In Uncategorized | By Lisa Marie Rhody

Today at 5:30 p.m. is our annual CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative Lightning Talk event. Originally, it was scheduled to be held as a hybrid event with in-person and remote presentations. However, we have had to make a last-minute decision to switch to an online format.

We hope that if you were planning to join us that you will continue to do so remotely. We will be sending out the Zoom link 30 minutes prior to the event, so if you had not already registered, you are able to do so until 5 p.m. tonight at

Tonight’s event will be slightly less formal than it has been in the past, so if you have not had an opportunity to sign up to present but would like to do so, we can accommodate. You can either let us know when you register or reach out through a Zoom chat message to either Zach Lloyd or myself.

Again, apologies for the last minute change. You can see the original call that was posted to the CUNY DHI website and circulated through the Commons here:

We look forward to seeing you either tonight online or at future events.

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