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By Charlie Edwards

CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative Fall 2010 Schedule

On 04, Oct 2010 | In Meetings | By Charlie Edwards

"Fall Leaves" - a CC Licensed Photo from notashamed

After a great first meeting of CUNY DHI, here are the details of our upcoming sessions for Fall 2010. It’s an exciting line-up, and we hope that some of you will be able to join us in person here at the Graduate Center for these events.

October 13th: DH & Ed Tech

Continuing our theme, “Defining the Digital Humanities,” the group will turn to the relationship between educational technology and the digital humanities. CUNY’s own Mikhail Gershovich, Joe Ugoretz, and Luke Waltzer will present their work on key initiatives in networked pedagogy: Blogs@Baruch and Macaulay Honors College’s ePortfolio Gateway and Macaulay Social Network. Boone Gorges will discuss Anthologize, the product he helped develop this summer in One Week | One Tool.

Time & place: 6:30pm-8:30pm, CUNY Graduate Center, room 6417.

October 22nd: Samir Chopra & Scott Dexter

The Digital Studies Group, our parent organization, is hosting a seminar with Brooklyn College’s Samir Chopra and Scott Dexter, who will present their work on the free and open source software (FOSS) movement. Chopra and Dexter are the authors of Decoding Liberation: The Promise of Free and Open Source Software (Routledge, 2007).

Time & place: 5pm-7pm, CUNY Graduate Center, room 9205.

November 17th: Eben Moglen

The Digital Studies Group is sponsoring a talk by Eben Moglen of Columbia University. Professor Moglen plans to address the large question of intellectual property and 21st century digital technologies, given a property system based on industrial forms and legal structures. His talk given earlier this year at NYU, “Freedom and the Cloud,” inspired a group of students to create Diaspora, “the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network.”

Time & place: 7pm, CUNY Graduate Center, Skylight Room (9th Floor).

December 1st: Tom Scheinfeldt

We are delighted to welcome Tom Scheinfeldt, Managing Director of George Mason University’s Center for History & New Media (CHNM) to CUNY DHI. In his talk, Stuff Digital Humanists Like: Defining Digital Humanities by its Values,” Scheinfeldt plans to discuss the reasons why some DH efforts succeed while others fall flat.  By highlighting some of the things that do and don’t work in DH projects, he plans to isolate some common characteristics, and see if doing so can point us to a clearer definition, or at least understanding, of DH.

Time & place: 6:30pm-8:30pm, CUNY Graduate Center, room 9207.

December 2nd: CUNY Pie

Because we cannot live on discourse alone, we will crash the monthly meeting of CUNY pizza lovers.  Join us as we feast on NYC’s greatest food.

Time and place: 6:30pm, John’s Pizza, Bleeker Street.

December 14th: Special Session of the CUNY IT Conference

This year’s CUNY IT Conference is titled “Instructional/Information Technology in CUNY: The Tried and the New.” In addition to its regular program on December 3rd, a special session will be held at the Graduate Center on December 14th. This event will focus on “the new” – emerging technologies and applications, new uses and trials, even prospects rather than realized projects.  Virginia Heffernan of the New York Times will deliver the keynote address.  CUNY DHI will take part in a session called “Building Communities on the CUNY Academic Commons.”

Time and place: 9am-4pm, CUNY Graduate Center, rooms TBA.

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